SERVICES | Welcome Costa Consulting Co ! | COSTA CONNSULTING CO | United States


SERVICES | Welcome Costa Consulting Co ! | COSTA CONNSULTING CO | United States


Market diagnosis > Evaluation of trends > Analysis of competition > Evaluation of brand attributes and personality > Development of marketing plan > Development of communication plan > Construction of briefings > Consulting for positioning and construction of brands > Suggestions for marketing actions: promotions; partnerships; up-selling; cross-selling; business to business; business to consumer; among others.


> Definition of research objectives> Market research> Competitive strategy> Assistance in the elaboration of communication plans in digital media> Know how to evaluate the solutions presented> Monitoring the process of creation, approval and execution of advertising campaigns> Evaluation of the adequacy of plans media> Help in building and optimizing websites> Evaluation of online communication pieces (layouts, navigation, localization)> TV production> Editing for print media> Business advisory> Web Photography; among others;




  • Identify opportunities and elaborate strategies for action in new markets;

  • Focus on the strategies to expand the performance in the current market of the company;

  • Planning and structuring of organizational development;

  • Elaboration and analysis of the future scenarios, to improve the company;

  • Analysis of the value chain and the implication in the business of the company;

  • Creating the Strategic Map as a visual representation of the strategy that shows the cause and effect relationships between objectives;

  • Perform the alignment of the company's strategy with its business areas, support areas and key professionals;

  • Elaborate individual scorecards of directors, managers and staff.




  • Structuring and restructuring areas and departments of the company (administrative, human resources, financial, commercial, production, logistics and others);

  • Reduction in control of operating expenses;

  • Improve profitability and business profitability;

  • Creation of performance indicators that allows monitoring the productivity and development of the company;

  • Improved internal processes by increasing productivity;

  • Improvement in company results using resources already available;

  • Improvement of workflows, freeing internal resources for strategic issues;

  • Align the work performed with the company's strategy;

  • Improve the definition of positions and functions.



  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative research (market research, satisfaction, image, and others);

  • Conduct economic and marketing feasibility studies;

  • Analyze strategically the market and the performance of competitors;

  • Assess the market and growth opportunities;

  • Identify market outlooks and competitive and competitive trends;

  • Improve business activity through Business Intelligence​.



  1. Motivation

  2. Communication Process

  3. Team Work

  4. Knowledge and  Competnece

  5. Training Programs and Development

  • Develop people management plan aligned with organizational goals;

  • Develop leadership development plans that ensure the organization's future leaders;

  • Develop policies of fixed and variable remuneration appropriate to the reality of the company;

  • Improve knowledge about the organizational climate;

  • Improve the utilization of your human resources through the recognition of strengths and abilities.


Welcome Costa Consulting Co ! | COSTA CONNSULTING CO | United States
Welcome Costa Consulting Co ! | COSTA CONNSULTING CO | United States
Welcome Costa Consulting Co ! | COSTA CONNSULTING CO | United States
Welcome Costa Consulting Co ! | COSTA CONNSULTING CO | United States

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